n o l o s e 2011: registration info

2011 Conference Program

Friday, July 8:

9am–9pm Registration and check-in

10am–11:40am Concurrent activities:

Self-Advocacy in Psychotherapy: Addressing Fatphobia, Unspoken Fears, and Assimilationist Bias
(Psyche psychotherapy collective)

Seeking psychotherapy is a potentially vulnerable action, and clients often feel unentitled to question their therapist's values about body size and weight. This workshop will pull back the curtain on commonly-held biases taught in psychotherapy training. Participants will leave with tools to advocate for themselves in screening for potential biases in therapists, and learn how to raise issues of potential bias sometimes left unnamed in psychotherapy.

A Conversation for Fatties and Allies on Parenting Experience and Strategy (How Can Fat Parents Flip the Script?)
(Dana M. Rosenberg)
Parenting as a fat person comes with its own peril, in the way of filtering and fighting messages about childhood obesity, stereotypes, and fatphobia. This workshop incorporates talking/sharing a common text, planning, and small group organizing. We'll start looking through the societal lens and setting the context in which we parent; let's share current events/media information about obesity, and then on a micro-level, brainstorm ways to combat these messages as parents. How can we help kids build a healthy identity?

Superfat Caucus
(Facilitated by Sondra)

Allies Caucus
(Facilited by Christy Calame)


12pm–1pm Lunch [not included/offsite; boxed lunches available onsite for pre-purchase only

12:15 - 12:45 - Fat Mermaids: a Poetry Reading
(Valerie Wetlaufer)

1pm–2:40pm Concurrent activities:

Fear of Getting Fatter: Coping with Superfat-Phobia and Related Ableisms
(Holly Hessinger)
As we age, we often get fatter. Sometimes this happens as the result of a medical condition. For sure, we'll all get less able-bodied as we get older, too. Let's share our fears about the bodies we each inhabit, and our anger about other folks' negative projections onto us as well. We'll brainstorm coping mechanisms, scheme up adaptive strategies, and find new ways to make ourselves truly at home in our own skin.

Art it Out
(Bit Artio Mason)
Art releases us to be who we are. We are all artists, in different ways. Come be creative! Draw, paint, sculpt, and most of all, EXPRESS yourself! Be it abstract or self-expression, join the art explosion. Come get ideas on "how" to be an artist, and join us to create, to express, to bridge our logical selves to our spiritual/Artistic selves. Supplies will be provided. Bring your creativity, an open heart, and an open mind.

The Fat Unicorn 'Zinemaking Workshop
(Austin J. Austin)
What's a 'zine? Come find out! Want to make a 'zine? Come make one! Do you like fat unicorns? Come to this workshop! In this supportive and unpretentious workshop, we'll share a little about American fanzine/indiemag history (including fat 'zines!), learn about (and use) helpful supplies, explore some kick-ass hands-on techniques, and talk about how 'zines can play a part in evolving pride, culture, creativity, and YOUR life/communities. Workshop attendees will also have the option of working on something to submit to an upcoming NOLOSE 'zine, which will be sold online and at NOLOSE 2012. Bring your own 2D media, or just bring yourself. Unicorns!

Trans Caucus
(Facilitated by Joe and Alex Gino)
A safe space to discuss the experience of being transgender/two-spirit/third-gender/andro/genderqueer/other. Intersex folks also welcome. This is not a trans 101 group, but rather a meeting of minds and a sharing of spirit. Topics for dicsussion to be determined by caucus attendees.


3pm–4:40pm Concurrent activities:

Mixed-Size Relationships: Fat, Family, Food
(Genne Murphy, Rebecca Weinberger, Zoe)
We will explore the complex ways that familial relationships around fat/food/"health" impact adult mixed-size relationships (defined broadly). What learned behaviors do we either value or want to unlearn in our adult relationships? How do our families interact with us & our lovers/friends/partners of various sizes? What happens when we express our love & care through food, or when we don't? How do we navigate different needs around eating, activity, size, or the ways our bodies work? All welcome!

Writing Down the Fat
(Eileen Rosensteel)
Expressing yourself through poetry or free writing can be a liberating way to connect with your body and inner self. Inspired by movement and images, we will play with words. No experience or talent required! Please bring writing tools.

Create Your Own Fat Superhero!
(Action Beaver)
Calling all crafty nerds! We've all needed a hero to stand up against fat hate, right? Well, why not become one ourselves? Engaging our nerd-brains, we will discuss super heroes in popular culture and where we see fat icons and role models that inspire us. This will lead to brainstorming to create our own fat super hero: identifying names, origins, powers, alter egos, and mission. We will craft costumes using basic DIY materials (no sewing). We will show our superheroes later in the weekend.

Heart Circle
(Max Airborne)
A space (available on each day of the conference) of intentional safety to speak and listen from the heart about how you're doing and what's happening for you at NOLOSE. This will be a space with no cross-talk, no judgments, just simple speaking and witnessing with our hearts and our full attention — a time to slow down and be with each other in a heart-ful way.

Disability Caucus
(Facilitated by Simi Litvak)


5pm–6:40pm Concurrent activities:

Fatlandic Bodies in Fierce Movement
(Geleni Fontaine)
Join other proud citizens and friends of Fatlandia as we explore the inherent power and peace of our bodies in movement. In this joyful mind/body/spirit workshop, we’ll practice unleashing fat martial power through basic martial arts stances, blocks, strikes, and fierce fat yells! We’ll also practice gentle qigong exercises that nourish the mind and spirit, and which participants can take home and use to calm stress and anxiety. This workshop is for everyone in all bodies and of all abilities. Wear your traditional fat-clan colors and bring your compassionate warrior self. Let’s embody the movement for fat liberation!

Burlesque for Big Beautiful Bodies
(Cherry Tart, Ginger Snapz)
Learn to strut your stuff in a loving glittery environment! In this hands-on workshop, Cherry Tart and Ginger Snapz will provide a brief overview of burlesque history, focusing on unwritten stories of fat performers, queer performers, and performers of color. As a group, we’ll work on basic movements, garment removal, and of course, tassel twirling!  Please wear clothing you can move around in (the sparklier the better!) and props if you got ‘em (feather boas, gloves, fans, pasties, etc...).

Queer Fat Activism: Why Sex-Positivity Matters
(Corey Alexander)
This interactive workshop offers a framework for thinking about queer fat activism that illuminates the importance of sex-positive analysis and strategies. It examines how sex-positivity and body-positivity feed each other, the need for embodied activism, and the ways that sex-positivity can encourage us to bring our whole complex selves to the table. It covers pitfalls of a simplistic sex-positive politic, how sex-negativity supports multiple oppressions, and ways to respond to sex-negativity.

The Roots of the Fat Underground
(Jane Herman)
The Los Angeles Radical Feminist Therapy Collective (RFTC) is a major pillar of the bridge to Fatlandia that activists have been building since the 1970s; without it, there would have been no Fat Underground. Radical Therapy was a radical rebuke to conventional psychotherapy: it defined political oppression, not individual shortcomings, as the source of emotional pain. This workshop, led by one of the original members of RFTC, teaches the core principles and techniques of Radical Therapy and shows how urgently we need them today.

7pm–8:30pm Reception/hot appetizer bar

8:30pm–9:30pm Welcoming address and Fatshion Show!

9:30pm–midnight Crafts 'n Games Mix 'n Mingle

The World’s Fattest Game of Pictionary
(The Grand Lordy Cupcake von Glitterpants)
Join your host, the Grand Lordy Cupcake von Glitterpants, for the best game of Pictionary you've ever played. Clues will be fat-themed, and fabulous prizes will be awarded.

CPAP Hose Cozy Workshop
(Goblin Crafting Triumvirate)
Come make a spiffy knit cozy for your CPAP hose, avoid rainout, and enjoy convivial crafting conversation. If you don't need a hose cozy, bring your handcrafting project and hang out. Supplies guaranteed for the first 15 participants; others as available.
Rock 'n Roll Craft Night
(Greta Carey)
Want to take home a hip treasure from NOLOSE? Join us for Rock 'n Roll Craft Night. We'll have the standard beading and bedazzling, plus sexy cootie catcher and DIY flogger making, all set to a pedigreed rock 'n roll soundtrack. Indulge your inner crafter and dig into some glittery goodness in between dips in the pool. This will be your space to unleash your creativity, hang out with friends, and meet new people.  

9:30pm–late Pool party!

Saturday, July 9:

8am–10am Registration

8:15am–9:30am – Early morning activities:

“My Wife’s Ass”: a Work in Progress
(Glenn Marla, Hana Malia)
How would you move differently in a world free from fear of the space you occupy? What would you wear in a world without body/gender policing? What is the "fatlandia" your wildest imagination can conjure? We want to answer these questions with you as we develop our theatre piece, “My Wife’s Ass,” exploring themes of agency over and fear of the fat queer body, the “headless fatty,” unabashed consumption, “fat panic,” the backlash against gender non-conformity, and how the "war on obesity" is experienced at street level. Through a series of movement, discussion, and theater games that answer these questions, we hope to produce a community vision for how we would live in a world wholly safe for our bodies as well as a narrative of how we are already living and supporting one another to live as best we can without that safety. Broad ideas that come from this will inform the writing of “My Wife’s Ass.” Additionally, footage of the workshop may be included (with written consent) in media components of the piece. Please note: all activities can be performed standing or seated.

Fat Liberation Through Mindfulness Meditation
(Max Airborne, Jeanne Freebody)
Mindfulness practice invites us to the experience of liberation by being fully present with this life exactly as it is. Let's create some fat liberation through meditation: being fully present together in our fat bodies, exactly as we are. All levels of experience are welcome! We will provide simple meditation instructions and a shared opportunity for touching into stillness in the midst of the conference hubbub.

Fat Sex Workers' Caucus
(Facilitated by Gina DeVries)


8:30am–10am – Breakfast 

10am–12pm Keynote Address: Wendi O'Neal (see homepage description).

12pm1pm Lunch [not included/offsite; boxed lunches available onsite for pre-purchase only]

12:15–12:45 – Still Traveling Fat: a reading
(Elana Dykewomon)


1pm–2:40pm Concurrent activities:

Belly Dance for Every/Body
Middle Eastern Dance (known best in this country as Belly Dance) utilizes isolations of various body parts from the head, neck, and shoulders to the chest, waist and hips to the thighs, knees and feet. Miasia has broken down the movements of the dance, separating upper body from mid-body from lower body, to enable each person to take advantage of their unique bodily strengths and perform movements that express their personal connection to the music. Utilizing flashcards, we will also create a short choreography to be performed by the participants. (You are not required to perform in order to take part in the workshop.) This workshop is accessible to people using scooters, chairs and wheelchairs.

Fat, Pervy, Sexy as Fuck!
(Virgie Tovar)
This is a writing workshop in which we will explore our hot fat bodies through erotic and sexual narratives. Virgie Tovar, author and smut writer for Good Vibrations Magazine, will guide folks through radicalizing and pushing at the edges of our erotic.

Justify My Fat: Disentangling Health and Morality in Fatlandia and Beyond
(Rebecca Weinberger, Abby Weintraub)
"Good fats," "bad fats" — beyond the clamor to prove ourselves healthy, in which we often pit our fat bodies against each other in a dehumanizing contest, let's question the moral stamp of approval given to "good" health. How/why do we patrol the health of our fellow fatties? What are the radical possibilities in embracing ideas of bodily "brokenness"? What if desire and pleasure were considered vital parts of health? Finally, let's reckon with the difficult ways in which we, even as fat-positive Fatlandians, have internalized the idea of each other's bodies as cautionary tales.

Swimming Pool Olympics
(Sondra, Joe)
Come represent your favorite fictitious country in this seriously silly water-soaked competition. In-pool events may include (1) zombie, crab and other races, (2) diving for stuff, (3) don't-let-the-ball-fall, (4) underwater distance pushing, (5) imaginary-balance-beam routines, and more! All athletic abilities welcome, but you must be a competent swimmer to participate.


3pm–4:40pm Concurrent activities:

Singing as Social Justice
(Nomy Lamm)
The voice is a powerful tool in defending ourselves and sharing our essence of being with the world. In this workshop, we will create a non-judgmental space to explore our voices in authentic ways. With a series of exercises, warm-ups and improvisations, we will learn to be more grounded in our bodies, self-aware, brave, flexible and connected, exploring how these qualities can help us deal with our own oppression, and make us good allies to each other. Open to all styles and abilities.

The Art of Style with Big Masculine Bodies
(Amanda Ream, Sasha T. Goldberg)
The workshop that all you fat, masculine-spectrum style mavens have been waiting for! This is an open discussion, skill share, and runway show: bring your how-tos, burning style questions, and join us in showing off your best style tips, tricks and stories. Style means many things to many people: what does style mean to you? This workshop will cover the fine art of finding masculine attire that fits our bodies well.

Medical Self-Advocacy in Not-Yet Fatlandia
(Deb Burgard, PhD)
One of the most vexing problems for us all is how to obtain good quality medical care in a world where health care providers are among the most biased against fatness, and corporate pressures are creating BMI-driven care. How do we cherish and care for our bodies when it seems like the medical world wants to eliminate us, blame us, and predict doom for us? Change can happen on an individual and systems-level, and both are needed. Come strategize and bolster your emotional immune system!

Heart Circle
(Max Airborne)
A space of intentional safety to speak and listen from the heart about how you're doing and what's happening for you at NOLOSE. This will be a space with no cross-talk, no judgments, just simple speaking and witnessing with our hearts and our full attention — a time to slow down and be with each other in a heart-ful way.
People of Color Caucus
(Facilitated by Tara Shuai, Miasia, Wendi O'Neal, and S. Mandisa Moore)
A supportive space for people of color at NOLOSE to mobilize, strategize, debrief, and discuss the intersections of race, fat, and other identities. During this session, we will examine such questions as: How do we sustain ourselves in our multiple communities as fat people of color?  What are concrete and/or visionary ways in which we're building bridges between fat liberation movements and our other communities? What are some strategic directions that we would like to see the fat liberation movement head toward, and what are some concrete suggestions we have about how to get there?


5pm–6:40pm Concurrent activities:

Professionally Freaky
(Eileen Rosensteel)
Most of us have felt like a freak at one point in our lives, but have we looked at who our “Fat Lady Freak” ancestors really were? Eileen will share her research into the lives of the Fat Ladies of the circus and sideshow. These women made a living from their fatness long before the “obesity epidemic” was created. They were the cornerstones of traveling entertainment for nearly 100 years, and their stories are being lost. Hear what they themselves have to say about being professional freaks.

Is Fat the New Black?: Fat Activism and Social Change
(Amy Abugo Ongiri, Leah H-L)
Is the road to Fatlandia paved by radical fat activism? How do we imagine our struggle for fat liberation in relationship to other liberation movements? Radical Fat activism both draws on and is distinctly different from past movements for radical social change. This workshop will explore the ways in which our search for Fatlandia can be informed by the successful tactics and strategies of past liberation movements that articulate a rights-based agenda through an experience of the body. These movements, including the civil rights movement, Black Power, Women’s liberation, prison abolition, and the struggles for immigrant and LGBTQ rights, required participants to not only “put their bodies on the line” but also to imagine the ways in which their participation could help constitute a radical new body politic. Through a series of exercises and visual presentations, we will explore our intersecting participation in various liberation movements and examine the ways in which past struggles can help inform our present and future ideas of liberation.

FAT STUDIES is Now an Academic Journal!
(Esther Rothblum)
Fat Studies is a new international and interdisciplinary journal that accepts original research as well as theoretical overviews. This session will focus on the purpose and content of the journal — come with your ideas and plans to be an author.

Over 40s Caucus
(Facilitated by Jane Herman)


6:40pm–7:30pm – Break

7:30pm–9pm – Dinner

9:30pm–12am Saturday Night Cabaret / Dance

An evening of flabulous, edge-of-your-seat performance. Curated and hosted by the one, the only, the inimitable Kentucky Fried Woman. (Followed by an ass-shaking dance with DJ Durt!)

11pm–late – Pool party


Sunday, July 10:

8:15am–9:30am – DIY workshop slots! (available for all attendees to hold their own workshops)

9:30am–12pm – Sunday Brunch Salon (Fat Histories/Fat Futures)

Your fellow fatties share awe-inspiring memories, readings, manifestas, and images. Come reflect on our pasts and imagine our futures! Co-curated and hosted by Genne Murphy and Abby Weintraub.


12pm–1:40pm Concurrent activities:

Phat Fly Fun: Dance for Every Body
(Jessica Judd, Matilda St. John)
Come get your jazz dance on with long-time Phat Fly Girls (PFG) and co-artistic directors, Jessica and Matilda! Learn an absolutely flabulous PFG standard while energizing your body, mind, and fat-accepting soul. Seize the opportunity to dance in actual PFG tail-feathers sure to take your shimmies and shakes to the next level. No dance experienced required, and choreography will be modified for those dancing while seated. Please wear clothing in which you are comfortable moving and sweating.

How Fat Women of Color Queer the Feminine
(Virgie Tovar)
How do race and size impact a woman's relationship to femininity? In this presentation, Virgie Tovar will discuss the results of interviews done with ten fat-identified women, eight of whom were women of color. The women interviewed discuss their childhoods and adulthoods, and the ways that their gender identities and sexualities have been impacted by their race and size. This research was pursued for the completion of a Masters degree in Human Sexuality, but the presentation promises to be at least 97% jargon free. Discussion to follow the presentation.

Building Bridges Beyond Fatlandia
(Toni Cassista, Alex Gino)
As a wonderful weekend draws to a close, we look beyond our borders. Where do we go when the weekend ends, and what do we bring home with us? How can we keep ourselves from being isolated pockets of flabulousness, and how can we bring more people into our folds? Who has been counted among us as part of our fat radical community, and who is invisible? How do we connect to and work with people who, whether because of money, time, gender, fear, or any host of reasons, are not here this weekend, and how do we make sure that we all feel the NOLOSE love all year long? We'll explore these questions and more to discuss how to bring the fat revolution home. Let's scheme while we're still gathered together, because we are way too big for one weekend conference.

Heart Circle
(Max Airborne)
A space of intentional safety to speak and listen from the heart about how you're doing and what's happening for you at NOLOSE. This will be a space with no cross-talk, no judgments, just simple speaking and witnessing with our hearts and our full attention — a time to slow down and be with each other in a heart-ful way.

Working Class Caucus
(Facilitated by Geleni Fontaine)


2pm – 4pm Community meeting (including volunteer appreciation ceremony): all conference attendees' presence requested
This is our opportunity to meet as a group with the Board, hear about the state of NOLOSE as an organization, discuss business at hand, and offer feedback and thanks.



Beautiful Feelings
Benefits of Gymnastics
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