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nolose: the conference for fat lesbians, dykes, bi-women, trans folks, and our queer allies

2011 Presenter Bios

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Abby Weintraub brakes for radical kindness, east-coast edge, fruit and vegetable tattoos, soup dumplings, evergreens, summer dresses, "that's what she said" jokes, the overly empathic, and talking/writing about awkward sexual experiences. She is a member of the NOLOSE Board of Directors and lives in Oakland, CA.

Action Beaver fights sexual repression with her squirting magical fluids of honesty! Her secret identity is Kristina Weena, a drag king, burlesque queen, and professional nerd living in Olympia, Washington.

Alex (n.)  1) sparkling bundle of glitterqueer.  2) rad fattie.  3) gardener.  4) New Yorker turned Oaklander.

Amy Abugo Ongiri is an Associate Professor at the University of Florida who specializes in African American literature and culture. Her book Spectacular Blackness focuses on the popularization of the Black Power movement in popular music, poetry, and film.  She has been active in Black student and union organizing, the prison abolition movement, and queer activism.

Austin J. Austin has been making and consuming 'zines since the early '90s. Austin was born the old-fashioned way: with a photocopier in one hand and a long-arm stapler in the other.

Bit Artio Mason is a superfat, transpecies bear, living in Portland, Oregon. I use art as therapy and want to share with others this beautiful way of expressing ourselves.

Corey Alexander co-founded FATTYS (Fat And Tired of Taking Your Shit) & Allies. He's a Brooklyn-based, queer transgender stone butch, kink and sex educator/activist, who write erotica as Xan West.

Dana M. Rosenberg is a femme-identified queer Jew, born and raised in Oakland. She is the proud mama of a tweenage son, has been an educator for the past 15 years, and is currently a Dean of Students and health educator.

Dr. Deb Burgard is a psychologist who works with folks across the weight spectrum, and one of the founders of the Health at Every Size (HAES) model.

Eileen Rosensteel is a poet, writer, speaker, and performer dedicated to building connections. She has been performing her show, "Bodacious Beauties," about the circus fat ladies for two years, and is working on a book.

Elana Dykewomon, a cultural worker and social justice activist, gave the first NOLOSE keynote speech. She has won a Lammy and the Duggins Mid-Career Lesbian Novelist Award. Visit: www.dykewomon.com

Esther Rothblum is Professor of Women's Studies at San Diego State University, and co-editor of the Fat Studies Reader.

Geleni Fontaine is a fat, queer, Latina/o transperson living and thriving in Brooklyn, New York. A healer and anti-violence activist, Geleni has also trained in and taught mind/body/spirit practices including basic meditation, qigong, goju karate, and T’ai chi to youth, elders, LGBT folks, people of color communities, and people with physical and developmental disabilities since the mid-90’s. Geleni is also a proud member of the NOLOSE Board of Directors.

Genne Murphy is a Philly native, playwright, arts educator and co-producer of the NYC-based Queer Memoir series (www.queermemoir.com).

Gigi Basanta is a well-known butch style king from Toronto, ON. Gigi is the dapper kind: tailored shirts and slacks in fine complementary colors, with loafers. She is often consulted on fashion by friends like co-presenter Amanda Ream from San Francisco, CA, who owns four pairs of the same black jeans and has been called a “Carhartt spokesmodel.”

Ginger Snapz is a fierce performer and professor at the University of Washington, where she teaches a course on Burlesque.

The Goblin Crafting Triumvirate travels from conference to conference throwing crafty instructional workshops for their fans.

The Grand Lordy Cupcake von Glitterpants is delighted to be here this weekend to support the long-standing relations between Fatlandia and the Glitter Isles.

Greta Carey is a fierce amazon femme who takes big steps and occupies as much space as she needs. As a passionate sex and size activist, she is forever seeking new ways to understand and expand.

Hana Malia is a text artist, singer, and educator. Glenn Marla is a theater performance artist. Both are proudly based in New York City.

Holly Hessinger is a superfat diabetic fortysomething krip queer, thriving with her partner and extended family in deep East Oakland.

Jane Herman has been a radical feminist political activist since the early 1970's. She devotes much of her energy educating her local community about disability, fat politics, and environmental health.

Jeanne Freebody is a 51-year old fat feminist dyke who has practiced vipassana meditation for the last 17 years. She is currently in Spirit Rock Meditation Center's two year Community Dharma Leader Program. Co-teaching this workshop with her friend, Max, is a beautiful thing. Come join us! It'll be sweet!

Jessica Judd is a long-time dancer and current co-Artistic Director of the Phat Fly Girls, Big Moves' resident dance company. A free-range fat activist and mother of two, Jessica enjoys nature photography, cooking, choreographing for the Fly Girls, and finding new and exciting ways to fight fat hatred and promote body liberation.

Joe hails from Canada, but has roots in Oakland.  He enjoys life with two big dogs and a lovely lady. Come play music or basketball with him!

Leah H-L is a Unitarian Universalist minister who currently works with programs for children, youth, and families. Her background includes organizing around queer issues, reproductive rights, worker justice, multi-religious engagement, and anti-global capitalism.

Matilda St. John is a crafting fanatic who will show you how to construct (and shake) your very own set of tailfeathers. She loves fat-related puns and biking around her current hometown of Oakland.

Max Airborne is a devotee of social justice, fat liberation, and spiritual liberation.

Miasia has performed all over the US, as well as Canada, Turkey and Egypt. Her goal as a teacher and performer is to continue opening the doorway of dance to include all bodies, sizes, and abilities.

Nomy Lamm brings a radically vulnerable message of body-positivity to the whole wide world through a blend of 'zines, voice lessons, rock operas, performance art, storytelling, and collaboration.

Psyche is an Oakland collective of three psychotherapists: Beth Bernstein, MFT, Christy Calame, LCSW, and Matilda St. John, MFT, united to provide competent, harm reduction-informed therapy to sexual outsiders, fat folks, and people struggling with eating disorders.  

Rebecca Weinberger is a high femme who likes tortellini, podcasts, overly tight clothing, and reconceptualizing deviant bodies of all kinds. She dislikes the words “natural” and “authentic,” and people who believe in banishment as a behavior policing strategy.

S. Mandisa Moore is a black radical feminist and supporter to grassroots women of color-centered organizing. By researching and analyzing the laws and policies that control and stigmatize our bodies, sexuality, and reproduction, she helps support and build the movement for reproductive justice. Mandisa’s primary organizing support work is with the Women’s Health & Justice Initiative (a New Orleans-based multi-dimensional organizing and basebuilding project).

Simi Litvak (b. 1942) has been a fat activist since the 1970s, first in Madison, WI, and, since 1984, in the Bay Area. She was a disability policy researcher and analyst at the World Institute on Disability for 18 years. She led several workshops for NAAFA on the intersection of fat and disability. Simi’s orthopedic limitations have been developing gradually as she has aged. Currently she performs in “Make No Assumptions: Women and Disability” with Mothertongue Reader’s Theater.

Sondra is a crafty lawyer who co-edited The Fat Studies Reader and
runs FLARE!. She loves her Oakland life with her sweetie, birdnanza and growing her first veggie garden. 

Tara Shuai is a biracial hapa high femme Brooklyn girl by way of DC and Richmond, VA. She is a lover of fatshion, social justice, foodie-ism, and living the bon vivant life on a dime. Tara has been talking and writing about fashion, race, and identity (among other things) for over a decade. She serves as NOLOSE board Co-Chair and Deputy Director at the Third Wave Foundation, a feminist foundation supporting youth-led social justice.

Toni Cassista is 63, born in Salem Massachusetts in 1948, a lesbian, and a long-time fat activist.

Valerie Wetlaufer is a poet, birth doula, student midwife, holds an MFA in Poetry, and is currently a PhD fellow in Literature and Creative Writing, based in SLC, UT. For more information, visit www.valeriewetlaufer.com.

Virgie Tovar is a fat semi-socialist fauxhemian smut-writing Latina high femme with an MA in Human Sexuality. She was voted "Best Sex Writer" by the San Francisco Bay Guardian in 2008. Virgie doubles as Dulce de Lecherous, and is a member of GLITTERACTION! A Radical Queerlesque Cabaret.

Zoe is a a sociology doctoral student and a member of the NOLOSE Board of Directors.  She lives in New York City.

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