Board of Directors

The Nolose board at the end of the retreat, standing in front of CompassPoint's racial justice display, which has plants and posters and images of racial justice activists. Left to right are Sally, a superfat white femme, Crystal, a superfat Black femme, Sarah, a midsize white dyke, holding a laptop showing the head of Cicely, a multiracial Black nonbinary person, Shana, a midsize Black femme, and Lissette, a midsize Latinx dyke. Photo by Amy Benson.

The Nolose board in front of CompassPoint’s racial justice display

NOLOSE’s current Board of Directors is:
Lissette Cheng, Co-President
Shana McDavis-Conway, Co-President
Cicely Smith, Secretary
Sally Smith, Treasurer
Sarah Doherty
Dolores Tejada (not pictured)

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