Nolose has formal Bylaws, voted in by our Board of Directors, as well as a formal Conflict of Interest Policy.

We have also written an accessible “cheat sheet” for the bylaws and conflict of interest policy. Read it here.

In addition to the Bylaws, Nolose has other policies, community-driven guidelines, and documents that inform the way that the Board and Committees make decisions, and the ways that our community works.

We have Community Agreements. Everyone who registers for a conference must acknowledge reading and agree to follow the Community Agreements. It is also used in some of our community’s unofficial social media groups and listservs. It’s a living document, and changes to meet the needs of the community.

Nolose hosts a letter written in 2012 by an independent group of people of color that included the co-presidents of Nolose at the time, and other members of our community, A Response to Fat White Activism From People of Color in the Fat Justice Movement.

We have a statement about the change to our gender policy, written in 2011.

And we have our older Nolose Manifesta and accompanying Oppression explanation.


Do you want to get involved in crafting policy? Consider joining the Board!