What We Do

Photo of two glamour femmes speaking at the mic.

Photo by Lilia Schwartz

Nolose incubates national and regional conferences and supports and funds regional programming to bring together members of our diverse fat LGBT, queer, same gender loving, trans, and sex positive communities.

We celebrate our whole selves, build supportive community, work on building strong intersectional justice movements that acknowledge all of our humanity and importance, and bring together fat liberation activists, racial and economic justice workers, fatshionistas, fat studies scholars, culture-makers, food justice innovators, body positive bloggers, BBW/BHM party planners, flabulous performers, plus size business owners, and you!

Nolose community members hold fundraisers to support the organization’s regional programming, to cover the costs of running conferences, to fund our need-based financial aid program, People of Color Travel and Lodging Fund, and to offer conference scholarships for people of color and superfat, trans, and disabled people. We also participate in community-wide conversations to shape the future of the organization and define the kinds of social movements we want to build, conduct outreach, and create vibrant fat queer culture everywhere!