2013 In-Person Board Meeting Agenda!

The Nolose board will be meeting from Friday, November 15 until Monday, November 18, 2013, to plan for the next year and focus on restructuring Nolose so we can continue to support vibrant fat community in a way that’s sustainable and accessible for our whole board, and for the diverse people who will serve on… Continue reading » 2013 In-Person Board Meeting Agenda!

Participate in Nolose remotely!

Here’s how to participate in the community conversations. READ THE NOTES ON THE CONVERSATIONS AS THEY’RE HAPPENING: We will have a volunteer typing notes on the conversation into a google document as it’s happening. (If you type at least 80wpm and would like to volunteer for this job, contact sarah dot doherty dot nolose at… Continue reading » Participate in Nolose remotely!

In-Person Board Meeting: Details Coming Soon

Nolosers! The Nolose board is meeting, in person, from Friday, November 15 through Monday, November 18. YOU, THE GLORIOUS NOLOSE COMMUNITY, ARE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE. We will be having several community conversations on Saturday and Sunday morning and afternoon. PEOPLE IN PORTLAND, OR: YOU CAN TALK TO THE BOARD IN PERSON IN OUR WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE… Continue reading » In-Person Board Meeting: Details Coming Soon