2015 Conference

The next Nolose conference will be on September 4-6, 2015, at the newly renovated, more accessible, and now more easily BART-accessible (by accessible free shuttle to the airport) Econolodge in Oakland, California, USA.

Please note that there will be NO BART SERVICE between SF and the East Bay from Sept 5-7.  We encourage you to make other plans.  If you would like to help coordinate rides to and from the East Bay, please email volunteer @ nolose . org.


Registration is now open!

This year’s financial aid deadline has passed.  Thank you for understanding.

We’re structuring the conference a little bit differently than usual this year. We’re trying new things, looking to support broad and deep liberation work and expand physical, emotional, and financial accessibility of the conference!


Friday, September 4, will be a day for Black and Indigenous people and people of color only (including biracial and mixed race people). It’s going to be led by people of color, and we are looking for people to get involved with planning and running it! This will be a day for fat queer and trans people of color to have an opportunity to gather and discuss the future of our community. We will discuss our hopes for Nolose’s future as an organization that prioritizes the voices and lives of people of color.

People of color have suggested and requested a day for a BIPOC-only day for a long time, so we are very excited to make it happen this year. We are hoping to make this day of conference programming 100% free for participants, and will be looking for help with some specific, targeted fundraising to make it happen. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON THE BIPOC DAY.


Saturday and Sunday will both have traditional programming that we all look forward to, like the community dinner, Saturday night performances and the superfattiefantastic fatshion show, and the Sunday brunch salon. The big change for the rest of the conference is that the programming will not be run by the board—YOU will decide what programming happens. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON THE SCHEDULE.


Part of the way we think this can work is by changing to a programming track structure. YOU will propose programming tracks, which YOU will chair, deciding what kind of workshops and social/activist gatherings you want. We’re very excited to switch to a community-led conference structure with programming tracks. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ON HOW TO GET INVOLVED WITH PROGRAMMING.


We are forming a conference committee! The board will provide the structure and the tools for the committee to successfully plan and run the conference. We’ll hook you up with resources and with each other, and some of the board will be very hands on, but we are 100% committed to sharing the power, and responsibility, of the conference with you, the Nolose community. We’ve heard your feedback and we know it can sometimes feel really challenging to get involved with Nolose, and we think this is a way for us to share the skills and knowledge for successful conference planning, to accept all of the help and resources and expertise you’ve offered Nolose over the years, and to develop our present and future leaders! CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON THE CONFERENCE COMMITTEE.


The venue would only agree to reserve 37 rooms for us, and the room rate in and out of our bloc are the same. If we start by booking space outside of our guaranteed space, we’re confident that we can occupy the majority of the other motel rooms. We recommend that you act quickly to book your room, and don’t say you’re with Nolose, until the hotel says it’s booked–at that time, we should say we’re with the Nolose bloc.

We’re also excited about the possibilities of working with local community on a home-stay program, making lodging more accessible! CLICK HERE FOR MORE ABOUT VENUE ACCESSIBILITY.


We’re thrilled to see your track proposals, and we can’t wait to see what these changes mean for the richness of our programming and the way we do things!