2015 Conference BIPOC Day

One of the most exciting structural changes to the Nolose conference weekend is that Friday is going to be a space created by and for People of Color, Mixed, and Indigenous People only. Our hopes for this day are for Fat and Queer People of Color to have an opportunity to gather and discuss the future of our community, as well as our hopes for Nolose’s future, both as an activist organization representative of all Fat and Queer people and an organization where all voices are heard and valued. It is our hope that this day will provide a space for our POC community to be able to speak openly and freely about the experience of being a Fat and Queer Person of Color without having to break down concepts of racism or privilege. We are even more excited to announce that through community fundraising efforts, it is our goal and intention that the POC Only Conference Day will be free of cost to all Fat and Queer People of color, Mixed, and Indigenous people who attend. We may charge a nominal, refundable fee (no more than $20) to reserve your spot.

We will be looking to convene a planning committee to develop the day’s agenda and programs, but here’s how we envision the day unfolding: The POC only day will start in midmorning with breakfast and an energizing opening ceremony and invocation led by community members. We will have a moderated community discussion about the future of Nolose and how fat and queer POC should function within and outside of the Nolose community, then break for a working lunch. We will have workshops and breakout sessions throughout the afternoon, and end the evening with a glorious closing ceremony and a buffet dinner from a fabulous and fat local POC-owned caterer.

This POC Only Conference Day has the potential to be groundbreaking and awesome, but we need your help to get it off the ground!
Are you a self-identified Fat QTPOC? Want to get involved in making this day happen? Have ideas for programming? Entertainment? Food? We’re looking for people to get involved! Please email elaineklee {{at}} gmail [dot] com.

What does this mean for folks who are not attending Friday’s programming but would like to support it happening? Help us fundraise to make this POC Conference Day free and accessible for all, and donate below! Also, please come out early on Saturday morning for an important anti-racism workshop for allies!