Volunteer for the Conference

Here’s a note from Alex Gino:

Alex Gino here, and I’m going to be this year’s Nolose Volunteer Coordinator!! We’re eager to get started, and right now, what we most need is a Co-Conspirat– I mean, a Co-Coordinator! Someone to brainstorm with, make timelines and other plans with, have mutual accountability with, support each other in coordinating our massive wondrous community in supporting each other. And, you know, just generally be superstars together!

Sound like your thing? Maaaaaybe??? Feel free to contact me at volunteer@nolose.org with lots of questions about what this would mean. (It will include me in glitterpants if you so desire. Or if not, really. The glitterpants are not optional.)

Heads up looking forward: We’ll also be looking for point-people for the following roles (this doesn’t mean you do everything related to the task, but that you facilitate it happening and seek support as needed). You can also split the role with someone else. Or take on two (possibly related) roles, if you’re up for it.

Roles that need coverage include these glamorous possibilities:
– Homestay Coordinator
– Program Guide Overseer (print and online)
– Buddy Program Coordinator (connecting new and returning attendees)
– Registration Lead [must have SIGNIFICANT ties with Nolose]
– Entertainment Coordinator
– Remote Access Coordinator
– Vendor Coordinator
– Nolose Merchandise Coordinator
– Mealtime Lead
– Catering Liaison
– Hotel Liaison
– Hospitailty Suite (General)
– Hospitality Suite (BIPOC)
– Meeting Room Maintenance Lead
– Social Media Splasher
– Raffle Coordinator
– Transportation Coordinator
– AV & Tech Coordinator
– Go-fer Lead
– Documentarian
– Signage Coordinator
– Decorations Coordinator

As you can see, we have plenty of options for you!! And more roles will be added as they are developed.

If there’s something here that appeals to you, drop a line at volunteer@nolose.org. Or if you have some ideas, but you’re not sure what’s right for you, feel free to drop a line and we can chat via email, im, skype, or phone.

And when registration goes up (look for that in the coming weeks), be sure to mark your interest in volunteering and we’ll follow up with a full survey of ways you can be involved making Fatlandia come to life in 2015!