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Photo of CHUBB performance group, with arms outstretched as a human airplane

Photo by Lilia Schwartz

NOLOSE is entirely community-driven, and that means we need our community to make it go. Whether you’ve never been to body positive event or have been engaged in radical fat activism for forty years, NOLOSE needs your help. Here are several great ways to get involved:

Regional Programming

Fatties building connections in their communities is AWESOME! We support local activists with advice, networking, and help with spreading the word about their events. What’s more, WE help YOU to develop and fund events in your area.

Join A Committee

The majority of NOLOSE work happens at the committee level, so the more people engaged, the more NOLOSE can do! Spend a few hours a month on social  media outreach, take on a major fundraising project, or help plan the next conference. Share your talents and learn about how Nolose works!

Hold a Fundraiser

If you want to support Nolose’s programming and financial accessibility, and spread the word about Nolose’s intersectional fat justice and rad queer and trans fat community building work, holding a fundraiser in your community is a powerful way to do it! See our call for a weekend of fundraising fattasticness or contact fundraising ((at)) nolose {dot} org for help planning something in your town!

Join the Board

If you are dedicated to creating powerful intersectional radical fat space, have nonprofit management skills, and have the time to commit, we hope you will apply to join the board. We are especially looking to bring on more board members who are people of color, superfat, older, trans* (especially trans* women) and gender non-conforming, disabled, and/or rural/non-coastal. We are also currently seeking someone with potential to become treasurer of the organization.


Without your time, dedication, support, and love, NOLOSE would be nowhere. All the same, your cash and in-kind donations are most welcome!



We’re hiring an Accountant Admin! (Feb 2017)