Check out our active committees. We need YOU, year round, to make NOLOSE great!



Ever wish that NOLOSE could last all year? SPAL Committee is one way to help make that happen. SPAL offers small grants and seed money to queer fat positive projects. NOLOSE has set aside a budget of $4000 total to provide seed money for smaller, local projects that anyone in the community can organize in different parts of the country, and even internationally. Proposals are requested and then submitted proposals are evaluated and offered seed money grants of up to $1000. This seed money can go towards securing space, paying for supplies or promotional materials, etc. In the past, SPAL has sponsored a hugely successful Fat and Queer conference in New York, along with a great roller skating party and a zine making party in London! If you are interested in helping with SPAL please send an email to spal at nolose dot org.


Do you want to be part of the continued growth and development of diversity in NOLOSE?  The People of Color (POC) Committee works to continue to make NOLOSE a place that is inclusive and centers the voices of queer people of color.  This includes overseeing the POC hospitality suite at the conference, helping to plan and coordinate a POC track for the conference, outreach, and having a voice in the collection and distribution of POC scholarships for the conference.  This group is open to self-identified people of color only.   If you would like to join this committee please send an email to Amy at afrekete at hotmail dot com.


This committee aims to engage and expand the NOLOSE community by forging meaningful connections with individuals and organizations within and beyond fat activist communities.  We need committed, enthusiastic folks to reach out to people and communities, fat and wide!!    This is the perfect opportunity for someone who is excellent at networking, enjoys social media, and is ready to reach out and make specific contacts.  In addition to general committee members, we currently seek a liaison to trans* women/feminine/genderqueer folk.  We currently have liaisons to trans* men/masculine/genderqueer folk, superfat folks, people of color, and people from underrepresented regions (rural/no-coast).  We also seek a Volunteer Coordinator.  We are also open to creating additional liaison positions to communities that have historically been underrepresented at NOLOSE.  If you would like to join this committee and help out please contact Alex Gino at  lxgino at gmail dot com or Amithyst Fist at amithystfist at gmail dot com.

  • Want to help continue to make NOLOSE better for SuperFatties? Want to outreach to SuperFat’s and encourage them to come to NOLOSE. Want to help use you’re brainstorming powers to make SuperFat Programming stronger? If you want to help make NOLOSE better and more inclusive of SuperFat queer lives consider joining the outreach team and working with our SuperFat liaison.  If you’re interested in helping please contact Amithyst at amithystfist at gmaildot com.
  • The Trans* Working Group is dedicated to making space for trans* people at NOLOSE. We particularly seek and support greater trans* women and feminine leadership.  We aim to respond to transmisogyny at conferences and within the organization. Help us make this happen!  Contact Cicely at geeksdoitbetter at gmail dot com with your ideas or to join us.


The accessibility committee oversees access issues and serves as a resource on issues of both access and disability justice throughout Nolose. This includes the running of the nonprofit and all Nolose programming.

Issues of access and accessibility include both logistical issues–getting people into the room, eliminating environmental and logistical barriers to participation of disabled people in Nolose programming and governance–and broader questions. These questions include: how do we support the participation, and leadership, of disabled people and people with disabilities in all of their/our diversity in Nolose community and intersectional fat queer activism? How do we go beyond the logistical issues of access to make a welcoming organization and community? How do we support fat queer disabled people in building power and community?

Committee members should expect to meet at least once a month (via phone conference, online chat, or some other method(s)), more often leading up to conferences.

Immediate tasks may include consulting on website accessibility, having conversations with the community about access needs, figuring out logistics, negotiating with venues on issues of disability access, and coordinating the creation of resources for the community. There are lots of ways to get involved!

If you would like to join the committee please email Sarah Doherty at sarah dot doherty dot nolose at gmail dot com  or Amithyst at amithystfist at gmail dot com.


The Nolose Venue Committee works year round to identify the best possible venues for Nolose Conferences. The Venue Committee works closely with the Accessibility Committee and members of the community to identify specific criteria for venues that can accommodate the specific needs of the greatest number of our members.  The Executive Committee has set the goal of having the next two Nolose conferences in new regions and is especially excited to have folks living in the South and the Mid-west join this effort. From online research to on the ground location scouting, there are lots of different ways to get involved. Please email becka dot nolose at gmail dot com to start getting involved.


Are you a clear communicator? Do people listen when you speak and write? Are you a whiz at social media, do you have advertising or outreach experience, or are you great at writing? Do you have website design and management experience, or do you want to learn something new? We need you on the Nolose communication committee! The committee is responsible for managing all of Nolose’s social media, advertising, and web presence, for managing Nolose’s records on how to publish and track public communications, and for making sure that someone from Nolose follows up with questions and comments. The committee is also responsible for communications at Nolose conferences. The committee meets once a month or so, with phone and e-mail conversations (more often leading up to a conference or in the middle of a big project) and needs leaders and volunteers. Our current projects are: finding people and training them/us to maintain the new website, proposing Nolose’s social media policies and procedures, recruiting volunteers to run our social media, and coming up with ways to get important information to community members during conferences. Contact sarah dot doherty dot nolose at gmail dot com to sign up.


The Programming Committee’s major priority this year is to explore alternate models that will empower the community to shape the programs, workshops, entertainment, and social events that they want to see at Nolose Conferences. In the past, the Committee has solicited workshop proposals and managed the selection process, but we believe that conferences will be enriched by a more diverse and inclusive process. If you have innovative ideas about the kinds of experiences Nolose Conferences should offer, this is your opportunity to speak up and pitch in.  Please email becka dot nolose at gmail dot com if you’re interested.


The Fundraising Committee is one of the most direct ways you can help make NOLOSE as an organization and conference possible.  Whether you host a dinner or help organize a Big Fat Flea-style clothing swap in your city, fundraising helps to create and strengthen local fat communities while creating the resources NOLOSE needs to survive and thrive. Fundraising is what allows NOLOSE to provide financial aid, scholarships, the POC travel and lodging fund, and Fatties in flight, vital elements in making the conference accessible and welcoming. We can help you figure out what kind of event or activity works for you, and connect you with experienced fundraisers who can guide you through the process. Please email Amy at afrekete at hotmail dot com if you’re interested.