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Are you committed to creating vibrant queer fat culture, and upholding social justice work and anti-oppression politics? Do you want to help shape NOLOSE’s future to be as radical, inclusive, and supportively challenging as it can be? Do you have secret skills and superpowers that you think would benefit NOLOSE as an organization? Do you want to sharpen your leadership skills or get experience running a nonprofit? And do you love working hard in the service of a community that supports you right back? If so, we want you to apply to be a member of the NOLOSE Board of Directors!

We plan to bring on 3-7 new Board members in this round of recruitment. We are particularly seeking for someone with potential to become Treasurer of the Board*. Experience with and enthusiasm for fundraising, organizational development, facilitation/mediation, legal issues, event planning, project management, and social justice/anti-oppression work within radical organizations is also valuable.

We are also especially looking to bring on more board members who identify as people of color, superfat, older/elders, trans* (especially trans* women) and gender non-conforming, dis/abled, and/or parents.

Please see our Board Commitments and Roles for more information on expectations and qualifications for Board members.

*The Treasurer is an officer position on the Board that requires someone detail-oriented, with experience with budgeting (your own or an organization’s) and an interest in nonprofit financial management. The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing the work of NOLOSE’s paid accountant as they manage the organization’s budget, file tax forms, and pay vendors.

When to Apply

You are welcome to apply to the board at any time.  We review applications at least twice a year, and will make an announcement via our website and social media before any review deadline. People not selected in any given round are welcome to roll their application over into the next round, and are encouraged to consider joining a committee.

Next deadline: Accepting rolling applications in July 2016

Board membership not right for you?  Join a committee!

Committee membership is also a great way to see what working with NOLOSE is like, if you’re thinking about applying for the board in the future.  The following committees welcome non-board participants: Accessibility, Communications, Fundraising, Outreach, People of Color, Policy, and Small Projects Across the Land.  Not sure which committee you want to work with?  Drop us a line and we’d be glad to put you to use … we mean, direct you to a rewarding volunteer experience.

If you’re not sure whether to apply, or if you have any other questions, large or small, please feel free to contact Shana McDavis-Conway a line at and she would be happy to chat with you and answer your questions. Or if you know a board member personally, or feel an affinity, you are welcome to contact any of us.


 Ready to Apply?

Answer the questions below in the body of an email to


NOLOSE Board Application

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Email address:

Primary phone:

Preferred mode of contact (email or phone):


  1. Tell us about your experience with NOLOSE as a participant and/or volunteer.
  2. What skills, experience, or talents would you bring to the NOLOSE community? How would involvement in the NOLOSE Board forward your own personal goals and work?
  3. What parts of your identity are important for you to share? (size, age, gender, race/ethnicity, class, and/or any other parts of your identity)
  4. How do you incorporate social justice, anti-cissexism and anti transmisogyny, and racial equity practices into your life?
  5. Much of our work is done by committee [Accessibility, Communications (website), Finance, Fundraising, Outreach, People of Color, Policy, Programming, Small Projects Across the Land] .  Which committees might you be most interested in serving on? Would you be interested in serving as an officer (Treasurer, Secretary, Co-President)?
  6. Can you commit to 5-10 hours/month of NOLOSE Board work?