the nolose manifesta


We live in a world of great beauty but also one of great inequality.

Despite millennia of struggle and after much progress, oppression and injustice abound and exist in a multitude of forms: racism, sexism, classism, homophobia & heterosexism, transphobia, anti-Semitism, abelism, ageism, fat phobia and sizeism, and unfortunately the list goes on.

NOLOSE as an organization is dedicated to ending the oppression of fat people and creating vibrant fat queer culture. We understand that all oppressions have a common root and we are committed to a broad-based struggle for human rights and social justice.

We approach this work through the lens of fighting fat phobia and sizeism.

We recognize that the way in which we experience any given oppression is fundamentally influenced and shaped by our concurrent identities.

We realize that the process of liberation involves making mistakes, learning from them and continuing on.

We trust that in our work together to create a new and just world, we all have something to contribute, can all learn from one another and can challenge each other in loving and supportive ways.

We believe that beauty, morality, and health must be divorced from size, shape, age, gender, sex, race, ability, religion and sexual orientation.

We defy those who tell us our bodies are wrong.

We argue that there are many paths to fatness, that the medical community has yet to fully and conclusively tease out the potential links between health concerns and weight, and that the diet industry capitalizes on this to manufacture massive fat-phobia.

We work in solidarity with disability activists in pursuit of self-determination, human rights, love and support, in sickness and in health, in fatness and in thinness, for everyone.

We demand and we create a different kind of world in which all bodies are celebrated, cherished, and seen as beautiful.

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