10 Things You Need to Know Before the Nolose Conference

Fabulous Nolosers, long-time and first-time,

We are thrilled to welcome all of you, and we are very proud to welcome attendees of the first Black and Indigenous and People Of Color Day!

Our conference theme this year is Wish and Ripen. It was chosen by the organizers of BIPOC Day, and was inspired by the Audre Lorde poem Movement Song. Shana McDavis-Conway wrote beautifully about the theme in the program, which will be available on site at the conference, and will be posted to the Nolose website’s conference page.

Before you get here, we wanted to remind you of a few important things:

1) When you arrive at the Econolodge you must stop at the registration desk to check in and receive your lanyard and schedule. We need all attendees to sign in, and you will not be permitted into workshops or meals without your lanyard, so please come see us as soon as you can. Registration will be open at 9am on Friday and 8am on Saturday.

2) You can view the schedule of workshops and performances here on laptops/desktops here: https://nolose2015.sched.org/
And for mobile devices, here: http://nolose2015.sched.org/mobile.

*You will notice that all white conference-goers are expected to attend the Resilience + Skills to Support Lifelong Commitment to Anti-Racism Work: Making a Genuine Apology workshop at 10am on Saturday. Please make a note of this!

3) Saturday’s lunch is On-Your-Own. We will have volunteers available to drive off-site and pick up lunches from select locations. Please sign up at the registration table and make payment arrangements by 11:45 am on Saturday 9/5 so we can get your lunch to you. Someone also will be available at the registration table until 2 pm to make local recommendations and give directions to to folks who wish to go off-site.
Also, both General Hospitality (Room 114) and BIPOC Hospitality (Room 108) are well-stocked with delicious and nutritious snacks.

4) The Nolose conference has a fragrance free policy. This is so that our community members with multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS)–a disability where people get really sick from chemicals and sometimes strong scents–can attend the conference safely.
Here’s a link to the fragrance free policy:

Please wash your clothes in fragrance-free cleaners (detergent, or even just baking soda!). We have detergent and quarters on site if you forget! And please don’t use scented soap, hair and body products, makeup, and especially colognes and perfumes on site or before you arrive. We will also have limited fragrance-free personal hygiene products (designed for people of color and for white people) in the hospitality lounges.

If you use the pool, please shower before you go to workshops! If you smoke, the only designated smoking areas are in the parking lot of the hotel and outside of the hotel grounds. We ask that you please wash your hands and face after you smoke.

Realistically, we cannot guarantee a fragrance-free environment, as there are environmental chemicals we can’t control, but we rely on everyone to keep our community members with MCS as safe as possible!

5) Nolose has a safety plan in case of conflicts or harassment from non-Nolose guests at the hotel. It is outlined in the program. If you need support of crisis intervention or deescalation at all during the weekend please text Amithyst Fist at (503)270 -6230 with your location on site for immediate help. The Nolose board will not involve the police and we ask our community not to call police during conflicts. If the police have been called by someone else, please inform Amithyst or another board member so that our community can be warned and people can take steps to keep themselves safe from the police.

6) We have a brief, survivor-centered policy for supporting survivor safety at Nolose. We’ll be having more conversations as a community about what changes and expansions we want and need. Check it out here: http://nolose.org/news/survivor-safety-at-the-conference/

7) There is a system with stickers to indicate who does and does not want to be flirted with and other relationship-consent issues, which you can read about in the program!

8) There are a la carte payment & programming options for folks who can’t attend the full conference or participate with a day pass on Saturday. Here are the options:

Friday night post BIPOC day: $10-$20 sliding scale
Saturday night dinner and entertainment: $35-$45 sliding scale
Sunday morning brunch and salon: $30-$40 sliding scale

9) It takes lots of support to make this conference happen. We still need lots of onsite volunteers, especially for Thursday set up (even for a half hour), and also throughout the weekend. A variety of sitting, moving and lifting jobs are available, and plenty of them are brief (will take 15 minutes or less). Email volunteer@nolose.org or visit here to find out what you can do to help: http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001tAAX1rOsI6uHiazkKAynvvKSUULi3otD8xRqY68tNcwyAYEzywZMI94WzE-q3H6b5RpNA0SXglUD_grez6SP4w3ghn8bUNbO1gzgQTyCjTmbvj0ai_Ej7cEaolrWSWGQwVxp4Fp6OzFT3xQLQYA_jyV-bgtNzvKZ3dW1QHz3QRJxBg3BLypKodBvP99whmLd9HHFEcSD70VH6AGv1XxCA4Ac5nEz_GCdNBzhpZzrIXk=&c=__MMLRjSklOlvjj4POozyXzqaH1MOg7H1x2rzEcb6-pDBSVG3t96EA==&ch=MASULMIjcKNMQ–LT45XKIPcZu9YZjOgEaeMiGgpOJKuiSGKT7F-rg==

10) Please note that there will be NO BART SERVICE between SF and the East Bay from Sept 5-7. We encourage you to make other plans. If you would like to help coordinate rides to and from the East Bay, please email volunteer@nolose.org. You can also check out the ride-sharing thread in the Nolose 2015 facebook event here:https://www.facebook.com/events/1445773892397324/

Lastly, here’s some important info that you should keep on you for reference:

Please remember that along with the aforementioned policies, attending the conference means you are agreeing to our community agreements, which are available here:

Address & phone number of the Econolodge:
10 Hegenberger Rd, Oakland, CA 94621
(510) 635-1892

Crisis intervention or deescalation help: Amithyst Fist at (503)270 -6230 (you can call or text)

Nolose’s general number: (562) 354-FATS
This line is being answered by Rachel Kacenjar who is not physically at the conference, but will be dispatching your query to the appropriate person. You can text this number or call, but calling is recommended.

We are so lucky to have you in our community and we cannot wait to be with you!

Love and solidarity,
The Nolose board