Glorious Nolose community!

The Nolose Board is picking up steam! And we have three announcements.

The first is that, since we completed the 2015 conference and subsequently lost several board members at the completion of their terms, the Board is not longer planning a 2016 national conference. The board is taking the next few months to build the Board back up, make a long-term plan for the nonprofit, bring on new Board members and build new community-driven programming for the future. We will also be offering Small Projects Across the Land (SPAL) grants this summer.¬†We’re working on changing our structure and operations so that we don’t burn out our leaders, have accessible and sustainable ways of doing business, and can be flexible and energetic enough to build queer and trans fat community and an intersectional, anti-oppressive fat justice movement in ways that work for all of us.

The second is that we are continuing to recruit Board members! We’re particularly looking for people who can manage social media and communications, as well as people with interest and experience in fundraising, nonprofit management, group facilitation, anti-racism, and community engagement. See “Join the board” for more information!

The third announcement is that we are going to be taking applications for regional projects and programming SOON! We want there to be glittery rainbowy TwoSpiritSameGenderLovingQueerAceTransTastic fat liberation work everywhere, all the time, including in your town! Look out later this month for information on how to apply for a grant to fund your local fat liberation work and play!


The Nolose board