2015 Venue Update–Details TBA

Beloved Nolose community,

There WILL be a 2015 conference. You will have six months to save and plan to attend, and we will let you know the time and date as soon as we have signed a contract with the venue. We do not, as a rule, announce the date or location until our contract with the venue is signed, because selecting a venue is complex. We do a lot of negotiating around accessibility and privacy and price, and we can’t always come to an agreement with a venue that will meet our community’s needs. (In fact, in 2014 the Venue Committee got close with five different venues in the South and Midwest of the United States for the 2014 conference before something fell through with each one, which is pretty typical of the process.)

We can let you know that we are actively pursuing venues in Oakland, California, including the Econolodge Oakland Airport venue where past Nolose conferences have been held. (We are considering this space only because of some significant changes in its physical, chemical, and transit accessibility.) We selected Oakland this year because it’s within our volunteer board members’ capacity to have a conference where there are a lot of community members to pitch in and help. Given Oakland’s strong communities of color, having the conference in Oakland this year will allow Nolose to support the ongoing community building and leadership of Black and indigenous people and people of color. We hope to be able to sign a contract with a venue within the next two weeks.

We had stated our intention to move the Nolose conference to a location in the South or Midwest with strong and vibrant queer communities of color, and we still have this intention. Our venue committee is still looking for spaces that meet our needs and will further our goals of supporting the community building and leadership of people of color. We were not able to do it this year. We discovered that we did not have the capacity to find and scout a new location that’s broadly accessible, has enough meeting and social space, and is affordable–not without significant on-the-ground local support, and especially not while we are doing the fundamental work of re-establishing our 501(c)(3) status. We are working on paying attention to our capacity! We’ll be announcing some changes to the conference format that will make conference planning more sustainable in the future, and we’ll be looking to all of you to make future conferences strong opportunities for fat community and activism and networking and flabulousness!

Look for an announcement soon!

Love and solidarity,

The Nolose Board

Becka Gorelick and Elaine Lee, Co-Presidents

Alex Gino, Secretary

Sarah Doherty

Amithyst Fist

Shilo George

Cicely Smith