A Weekend of Fabulous Feasting Fundraising Fatties

NOLOSE welcomes you to join fellow radical fats in cities and towns throughout the country (and hopefully a few beyond) in hosting a series of dinner party FUNdraisers during the weekend of May 29-31, 2015. We’re planning a conference for Labor Day weekend, and we need to raise scholarship and financial aid funds, including the People Of Color Travel & Lodging Fund as well as the Fatties in Flight program. We would love to see May’s fundraising go toward making Friday’s Black and indigenous and people of color day free!

Dinner parties not your style? That’s quite alright! What about a movie night? Hot tub soiree? Make up swap? Pie party? And we’ve heard May is Masturbation Month … just sayin’. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Whatever you do, make sure you have fun. And make sure that at sometime during your event, you take a moment to let people know about NOLOSE and pass the hat (cap, salad bowl, bra…) to collect funds. You can even have a laptop available for paypal donations. Imagine, the party you have fun hosting anyway could also easily raise enough money to send someone to the next NOLOSE conference!

Your event can be invite-only, or you can advertise away. If you announce your event, please include information about the accessibility of the space (for guidelines on how to publicize accessibility, contact us by the email address below!). Either way, send us information about your party so we can compile a grand list. If your party is invite-only, we will not include location. We will host (and provide notes from) a conference phone call for people to share ideas and recommendations about how to host a small fundraiser, including how to feel less awkward when you ask for money.

At the end, take pictures, (if you have peoples’ permission, of course.) Heck, take video! Then, watch the website as we tally up the total and share the images and testimonials we receive.

Email fundraising {at} nolose (((dot))) org if you have any questions or if you’d like to host a party in your area!