Coordinated FUNdraiser weekend

What are you doing during the weekend of May 29-31, 2015? We sure hope you said, “Run or participate in a FUNdraiser for Nolose as part of our Coordinated FUNdraiser Event Weekend!”

Our 2015 conference has been announced, and we are very excited that, for the first time in Nolose’s queerstory, Friday’s programming is by and for Black and Indigenous People and People of Color. As part of Nolose’s efforts to make this day free for all BIPOC Nolose attendees, funds from the Coordinated FUNdraiser Event Weekend will be dedicated to costs for Friday’s programming, estimated to be around $10K.

Your dinner party, your hot tub excursion, your bubble-blowing contest, your dance party, your masturbate-a-thon, your book club meeting–whatever you’re up to, if you pass the hat (bra, popcorn bowl…) or open up your computer to our donation page, can help support People of Color-centered fat liberation! One-time and recurring microdonations are welcome. Nolose will hold an optional conference call in mid-May to talk you through asking for donations. Notes will also be available after the meeting.

We’ve already got a private fat mermaid party on board and Oakland Stone Soup will be passing the kettle that month, as well as events underway in Portland, Philly, and many more places. Or set something up online and invite people from anywhere!

Now’s the time to contact us at fundraising (at ) nolose ((dot)) org if you want us to list your event online, need help connecting with others in your area, or have any questions. And after the weekend, watch for flabulous photos, a report of how much we raised!