Get Funding for Your Project!

If you have a fabulous idea for building fat queer and trans community but need a financial jumpstart (or know someone who does), NOLOSE is ready to help. Small Projects Across the Land (SPAL) grants range from $100 to $1,000, and are designed to give a boost to folks marginalized within fat activist communities and to under-resourced regions.

Get all the info about how to apply here:

If you’re not planning to apply but would like to help review SPAL applications and make recommendations for funding, we’d love the help! It’ll take about five hours between now and the end of December. To volunteer, email spal (at) nolose (dot) org by Saturday, November 28.

We’re super-excited about funding projects that spread the word about amazing fat queer and trans community and activism. Please help spread the word about SPAL grants through your social networks.

Bunches of thanks!

The NOLOSE SPAL Admin Folks