Nolose Board statement of solidarity with victims of violence

After the recent murders of 15 people at La Madame in Xalapa, Mexico, 49 more Latinx queer and trans people at Pulse Night Club, and 8 protesters in Oaxaca, and just after the one year anniversary of the mass shooting of 9 Black people in the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC as well as hundreds of Black and brown deaths at the hands of police, we, the Nolose Board of Directors, express our sorrow, anger, and solidarity with the victims, their queer and trans and Latinx and Black families, and with all of our Latinx and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color community members.

As Two Spirit, Same Gender Loving, queer, and trans people, we celebrate and affirm the need for pockets of resistance and of togetherness, and recognize the leadership and labor of the most marginalized Black and brown people that have always gone into making these spaces, these moments of joy stolen from a violent racist, transmisogynist, classist, heterosexist world.

As thick and fat people, we understand deeply that some bodies are marked for exclusion, public policing both figurative and literal, and violence.

We see the violence against Indigenous, Latinx, Black, and POC queer and trans bodies as settler colonial violence that Europeans and their descendants have practiced for hundreds of years. We see a direct line from the genocide of North American Indigenous people to slavery, to the state violence of neglect and poverty in Native reservations, to police violence against Black and disabled people. We name the connection between the desexualization and hypersexualization of Black fat women, to the medical gatekeeping against fat and disabled people, to U.S. and European eugenics practices against Puerto Rican and disabled women. We understand the common forces behind the discrimination and family shunning faced by so many Same Gender Loving, Two Spirit, queer, ace, and trans people, to the U.S. tradition of lynching and burning Black people and Black community centers. We see the relationship between the violence of gentrification in cities and Christian Right targeting of rural communities for xenophobic anti-immigrant and anti-migrant-worker policies, to the nationalism used to excuse the violence against Palestinians, to the disappearing of Indigenous women, to the Islamophobic narratives used to pit queer and trans people against Muslims as though Muslims are not queer and trans and Latinx as well, to the history of arsons and police brutality aimed at mostly working class Black and brown queer and trans bars like the Upstairs Lounge, Compton’s Cafeteria, and the Stonewall Inn. We call out the relationship of the state’s disproportionate removal of Indigenous children from their families and colonial attempts to destroy Indigenous languages, to gun violence that has targeted our Latinx familia this year.

Nolose condemns violence and commits and recommits to nurturing resistance to violent white supremacist culture, to fostering vibrant fat queer and trans cultures and communities. There is no such thing as safe space under kyriarchy, but there are pockets of joy, of healing, of resistance to oppression and our BIPOC community members in particular build the brief, glorious moments when we experience what it might be like for everyone to be free.

The Board is calling on our white community members to make space for Black and brown pain, to resist the invisibilizing of the specifically Latinx, undocumented, Puerto Rican, Indigenous and Black people who have always been the targets of violence, to resist white culture’s co-option of the events that have brought violence to queer and trans Black and brown communities for white ends, and to recenter and lift up the voices of Latinx people. The Board is also asking for all of us to resist the elements of white supremacist culture that perpetuate violence, like shunning and carceral logic (like the belief that some people are bad and must be excluded or institutionalized). Take care of each other. Check in with each other. Show care for each other and especially for Latinx, Black, Indigenous, and other community members of color. Straight and cis community members, listen to and center the leadership of queer and especially trans women of color.

Nolose will be reopening our small granting program in a month to support local projects that support anti-racist, anti-oppressive fat liberation work in your cities and towns, and we especially want to invite people working on BIPOC centered, trans and specifically trans women and transfeminine centered, and superfat and disabled centered projects to apply for financial support. The Board will also be donating $250 to the Pulse fund administered by Equality Florida and invite you, our community, to donate to Nolose to support fat liberation work or to join us in donating to the Pulse Fund to support the Orlando Latinx community.

In solidarity and intersectional fat love,

The Nolose board