Vending at NOLOSE 2015

Do you have fat, fabulous, queer goods for sale? That’s fantastic, because we we just happen to be expecting nearly 200 fabulous fatties in one space who would be delighted to check out your wares.  Where?  Why, Nolose 2015 in Oakland, CA on September 4-6, 2015, of course!

While attendees can vend at any time in a first-floor room, we encourage you to participate in our official vending hours, tentatively 5:15-7:30 pm on Saturday and 9:45-11:30 on Sunday.  There is no vending fee, but all vendors are asked to donate an item towards Saturday evening’s raffle to support Nolose.

Be aware that clothing and other vendors with sized products must provide the same selection of items up to a size 8x.  Vendors must also vend in an accessible space, whether in the courtyard, a designated indoor vending area (we’re working on the details) or in their rooms (meaning: first floor only.) We’re still updating the logistics of guidelines for this year, but please review the Vendor Guidelines from our last conference for our complete accessibility policies.

If you are interested in signing up as an official Nolose vendor, (or would like to be our Vendor Coordinator) please email volunteer @ nolose . org.  If you reach out and can confirm you fit our vendor guidelines by August 15, we will be able to include you in the Program Guide.  We’re sorry we couldn’t give more notice.