Venue Scouts’ Meeting January 4, 2015

Are you interested in having Nolose come to your neck of the woods?

We’ve been working hard to find a venue that meets the needs of our conference and our attendees. After listening to the feedback our community has given us we’ve got a pretty specific list of requirements. Most of all, we’re looking for a venue in a location we’ve never been before and are hoping to go to the midwest or southeastern parts of the United States. We’ve also got a comprehensive list of accessibility needs that a venue must meet in order to be considered.

Want to help us bring Nolose closer to you? Join us for a meeting to discuss how to become involved and learn about the process! We need your help so we can pick a location that will be utterly flabulous, as fast as possible!
Sunday, January 4*, 2015, at 3PM EST/ 12 noon PST.

*Please note that we originally posted this as the 15th, then the 5th, but we REALLY MEAN IT THIS TIME: It’s on Sunday, the fourth of January.


You can participate by calling into the conference call, reading the notes (we will have live notetaking), and/or writing your questions/comments into our chat room.

Conference call-in number: 716-274-3400, Access code: 636491

Live note-taking:

Chat room (to submit questions or make comments that the notetaker will read into the call):


Talk to you on January 15!