Why are we so pissed off?

To give but a few examples:

• public spaces are often not physically accessible to fat people and rather than this being seen as a lack of inclusiveness, fat people are blamed for our inability to participate fully in society.

• there are few, if any, public, positive fat role models and fat people, especially fat women, are rarely seen as sexy and beautiful in the mainstream media.

• being fat is considered an insult.

• being fat is seen as something to avoid at all costs or one risks being seen as unfuckable, undatable and unlovable.

• fat children are put on diets against their will.

• parents of fat children are often seen as being abusive to their children by ‘allowing’ them to get fat.

• fat people are openly mocked and harassed for our size on the street, by our family, friends, lovers, and partners.

• there are few places to shop for fashionable clothes if you’re fat, especially if you wear a size larger than a 4X.

• despite the fact that the correlation between size and health has yet to be proven conclusively, fat people are charged more for health insurance.

• fat people routinely face discrimination from health care providers who refuse to address our health needs and concerns and instead focus only on our weight.

• fat people are stereotyped as repulsive and lazy individuals with enormous appetites who can’t stop eating.