Hold a Fundraiser

Nolose is a grassroots organization, and our fundraising reflects that! The majority of our funding comes from revenue from the conference, from fundraising and community building events like the Big Fat Flea and Cupcakes and Muffintops, as well as smaller regional fundraisers, and from one-time and ongoing donations from our community members.

One of the most powerful ways for our community to support Nolose is by hosting fundraisers that spread the word about Nolose, and about intersectional radical fat justice. A house party, a (choose your anti-oppressive and community-building activity)-a-thon, a fat swim, and any number of other social gatherings can raise money that goes back to supporting our intersectional anti-oppressive work, like our conference scholarships for people of color, Disabled, and superfat people, our financial aid for poor and working class fatties, the People of Color Travel and Lodging Fund, regional programming (also known as Small Projects Across the Land) throughout the year, Fatties in Flight (our reimbursement program for superfatties forced by discriminatory policies to pay double for travel fare who can’t be reimbursed by trains or airlines), and operating costs that keep the organization sustainable.

We are planning a coordinated weekend of FUNdraisers during May 29-31, 2015, to support programming by and for Black and indigenous Nolosers and Nolosers of color! Click here for more information on how to get involved!

If you would like to support Nolose’s work, let us know! Contact fundraising ((at)) nolose {dot} org for help planning or publicizing your event! We have some guidelines about collecting and publicizing accessibility information for public events, and many ideas to help you out, so drop us a line!